The artwork by Adeela Khan is a sketch of hands - open or closed, formed into fists or turned palm up. Bright green, pink, blue, orange and yellow daubs of color are behind the hands, mostly in the top part of the work.

Issue Two

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| Essay

| Poetry

| Poetry

| Poetry

| Fiction

| Fiction

| Interview

From the archive

The artwork by Aamna Waseem shows, in the top left corner, a pen sketch in dark ink of a six-legged insect on its back on a wooden board. Below that is a sketch in dark in of a hand holding between two fingers what looks like a piece of rock. The rock is striking against a surface, which is shown in a blend of brown shades spreading outward with splotches of red inside.

Fiction | The Walls
By Sabyn Javeri

We listen, our ears invisible. But mostly she is quiet. Sometimes she dials a number and listens to the man’s voice saying he can’t come to the phone right now. Sometimes she calls takeaways and says hello, then hangs up before the voice at the other end can reply. She sits holding the phone in her hands, staring vacantly at it as if it held the answer to some ancient mystery. She hasn’t eaten for days.

The photo is of a blurry motorcycle on a road in the nighttime, two blurry trees on the left of the bike and behind them a tall building. From a boundary wall on the bike's left a bright light shines.

Fiction | Unrest
By Zuneera Shah

They watched in silence as her sorrow stretched over the house. Reluctant to step inside Zeba’s sadness—for it was foremostly her sadness, then her sister’s, then the two brothers’ and so on, for sadness had to be segmented then distributed then possessed—her spectators kept the first watch.

Poetry | Captivity
By Aisha Hamid

...kaleidoscopic lines zigzagging
into a shimmery crescent swaying with the movement of my eyes. Half-moon face dips in and out
as he recites...

ایذا رساں یہ غم روزگار جاتا ہی نہیں

ہم بےبسوں کوغمِ جاناں آزماتا ہی نہیں

ٹھہرجاتا ہوں یاد کرکے تجھے میں بھی

دلِ نتواں تجھے بھول جاتا ہی نہیں

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