Issue One

Adeela Khan for Harris Gondal

Fiction | Horrors Under the Eclipse
By Harris Gondal

I don’t remember most of what happened during my sleepwalking visits to different places in the city, sometimes outside the city, but always within the province, barring one fateful night, the night of the eclipse and all the strange terrors that rise out of the earth with it.

Essay | The Money Plant
By Tabinda Khurshid

I have always liked having indoor plants. They seem to have a calming effect on me. I love nature and city living can be so sterile, so box-ish. But such is life these days. The potted greens provide a much needed refuge. Keeping the plants alive has never been something I excelled at.​

Poetry | Captivity
By Aisha Hamid

...kaleidoscopic lines zigzagging
into a shimmery crescent swaying with the movement of my eyes. Half-moon face dips in and out
as he recites...

ایذا رساں یہ غم روزگار جاتا ہی نہیں

ہم بےبسوں کوغمِ جاناں آزماتا ہی نہیں

ٹھہرجاتا ہوں یاد کرکے تجھے میں بھی

دلِ نتواں تجھے بھول جاتا ہی نہیں


Anum Asi

Anum Asi will be Guest Editor for fiction, for Issue Two

Anum Asi is a writer from Pakistan. After studying Sociology and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University as a Fulbright Scholar, she went on to complete an MFA in Creative Writing from Cornell University, where she subsequently served as a Lecturer teaching courses in fiction and memoir. Her fiction has appeared in Indiana Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, Necessary Fiction, Litro, Cherry Tree, the Aleph Review, and elsewhere, and won the Emily Clark Balch Prize for Fiction. She lives in Karachi, where she is an Assistant Professor at Habib University.

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