The Marchers Have Reached the Capital

We live just on the surface
As the rock underneath shifts
We never lift covers
Or look under beds
Never examine the dust
In the corners
We are not in the business of
Shifting debris or rubble
Moving rocks or turning over
Rotting logs, broken furniture

It’s fine. It’s A-Okay
We’re the foam, the scum
The bubbles of fetid air
We’re the crumpled plastic sheets
The Styrofoam cups
The refuse of a thing that’s all teeth and hunger
Always floating to the top
We tell ourselves there is no power on Earth

As the water



The photo of Sakina Hassan shows her smiling into the camera. She is wearing glasses and her curly hair rests on her shoulders. She is dressed in a shalwar qameez, the qameez a dark color with flowers embroidered on the front and a pink-red dupatta going down from over her left shoulder. She is sitting indoors and there is a bright lamp lit behind her.

Sakina Hassan is a freelance writer who creates short fiction and poetry in her spare time. Her story ‘The Shoeshop Jinn’ won the 2023 Salam Award for Imaginative Fiction, while ‘Bodies in the Air’ was longlisted for the 2023 Zeenat Haroon Writing Prize and included in their commemorative anthology collection ‘Mightier’. Her poetry has been published by The Aleph Review, And Other Poems, and Gully Collective.

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